Safety is never optional.

Cellule RIA

Sprinkler & F.A.C systems manufacturer since 2001.

Today, the R1, R5, NFEN & UL-FM standards rule the French scene of fire fighting installations.

Our strength lies in core values: safety and people.
Today, mc3i's expertise is embodied in its 45 staff members. Each day, our qualified and dedicated team works to design your Sprinkler & RIA system, in compliance to those standards.

Because safety is never optional, you can rely on us to manufacture the solutions to keep you safe tomorrow.
We are constantly evolving to limit the impact of our products on the environment: this means carefully sourcing materials and working with our own production facilities.

Steady performance, easy set up and use. Here are the reasons to choose our products for better protection.
Together with your certified contractor, we will develop your tailored solution, from design to delivery.


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